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Borough Council Councillor Community Grant Scheme

Ukraine Crisis Information

Play Park Refurbishment - Phase 2...

The second phase of the play area refurbishment is complete



Bus Shelter at the top of Eye Lane 


We are delighted to have been awrded 50% price match funding towards the new bus shelter, planned for the Eye Lane / A148 junction from Norfolk County Highways Parish Partnership Scheme.


We will endeavour to raise the remaining funds via other funding this space!


We're responsible for:

  • Bus shelters

  • Streetlights

  • Parish notice board

  • Parish clock

  • Children's play area

  • Village green and car park

  • Providing general maintenance to parts of the village

  • Cemetery

  • Defibrillator

  • SAM2 (Speed Sign)

  • We also make comments on all planning applications, although the Borough Council or County Council make the decision.

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